The last time Jack Saltzman sold some of his stockpile, he advertised a two-day sale.

But the well-known Lincoln collector and character had to cut it short.

“It just amazed me. They were two or three deep on the sidewalk, and they were still crowded like that in the afternoon,” he said.

They kept coming, looking, buying. He counted more than 400 customers pouring into his apartment’s attic just south of the Capitol.

“They bought everything there. If I would have opened the next day with these people, they would have killed me.”

He knew most of them and why they were there. For decades, Saltzman has hosted charity galas and holiday parties in his overstuffed apartment — more like a showroom than a home, filled wall to wall with antiques from Lincoln’s famous families and floor to ceiling with holiday decor, all of it accented by china and linen and silver and Saltzman’s trademark grandeur.

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